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Smokin' good holidays

Sides for a crowd
Brisket for Hanukkah
smoked meats for Kwanzaa

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Turkey and Ham orders are closed!



Don't forget the sides! Face it, the sides are the most time-consuming, and who wants to miss all the fun? Order our mashed potatoes, green beans, potato salad, and more for your holiday table. Just give our team a call and give them a head count to get started!

Brisket for Passover cost varies by weight. Whole Briskets and sliced brisket by the pound are available. Smoked meats for your Kwanzaa feast table are also available by the pound. Just call and talk to the team!

All Spiral Cut Hams and Turkeys are chilled and ready for reheating. The other items can be hot or cold, depending on your pickup date.


Please specify if you’d like hot items instead or need your smokin' hot goodness carved!


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