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Eat BBQ. Drink Beer. Repeat.

Local craft beer and a smoker full of meat

It won't have escaped the attention of Wichitans that our city has experienced a bit of a beer renaissance during the last decade. Maybe even a revolution. At Delano Barbeque Company, we've developed a hankering for mouth-puckering sours and goses, unctuous chocolate stouts and porters, earthy saisons and wheat beers. 

And they go great with barbeque.

We're keeping your whistle wet with a constant supply of juicy IPAs, knock-out strength porters, and lots of Kansas wheat. Hopping Gnome, Central Standard Brewing, and Wichita Brewing Company are among the usual suppliers, but you never quite know what you're going to find in our smoky wonderland of brews and brisket. 

Craft-heads are well catered to at Delano Barbeque Company, and some brews that we keep cold for you include Wichita Brewing Company, Walnut River, and Tallgrass Brewing Company (and we've even got some domestic beers if you're not into the craft stuff).

IMG_5378 (1).jpeg

Fancy Teas and

some killer root beer

Don't like beer? We're not judgemental. 

We have four rotating, fresh-brewed teas daily - including the coconut tea so many of our customers are addicted to, along with a fantastic sweet tea, cause it's a BBQ joint, duh - and a sugar rush filled, pure cane sugar root beer guaranteed to rot your teeth. (But, definitely worth it.) 

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