Monday & Tuesday: Meal Deal on the following sandwiches: Carolina Pulled-Pork, Smoked Club, Smoked Chicken, or the 3-Pig Sandwich (Includes Side & Drink) $8.99

Tuesday: Smoked Bologna on Tuesdays. Substitute any meat for Bologna or try our Memphis Smoked Bologna Sandwich -Smoked Bologna on a large bun and topped with our spicy coleslaw. Includes sides and drink for $8.99.

Wednesday: The Big Bad Wolf Meal Deal for $8.99. Smokey Joe (Chopped Beef) topped with a hot line and served on a large toasted bun. Includes a side and a drink.

Thursday & Friday: 2-Meat Dinner, 2 sides, TX Toast, & Drink $10.50 (Add $1.00 for Brisket, Burnt Ends or Ribs)

Saturday: 4 Ribs, 2 Sides, TX Toast & Drink $10.50