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Painter to be featured at Delano BBQ Co. for May 27th, 2016 Final Friday

MAY 19, 2016 – If you haven’t met Wayne Clark, you really should. We love this artist (and his work) so much we’ve invited him back for a third show.  Come down to Delano BBQ Company, 710 W. Douglas,  this Final Friday to view his work in flower paintings and have a chat with the man.

Delano BBQ Company has become a bit of an art hotspot in its historic Delano location during the past two years. The fact that Blackbear Bosin had his studio in the location decades ago might help, but artists like Clark have also helped to build the tiny eaterie’s artistic street credit. Clark is happy to return to the cozy space for his new exhibition – which consists of new and old floral artwork.

Clark has 17 flower paintings ranging from his first in 1950 to present. They consist of different styles of oil painting from brush to palette knife and impasto. From his student days learning from his instructor and mentor Clayton Staples at Wichita University (now Wichita State University). These painting represent a life time of beauty he has created. Mr. Clark at 89 still creates and paints daily although he has Parkinson’s Disease.

Painting, Clark has said in the past, is healing for him. In fact, a past display at Delano BBQ Company was titled “Healing Brushstrokes.”  Interested about the connection between the disease and art? Learn more from Clark in person at Final Friday and online, too. Clark has been featured on KAKE TV’s iconic Hatteberg’s People, the feature can still be viewed on YouTube:

Final Friday art crawlers can discover a bit more about the man and his work from 5-8 p.m. on May 27  at the popular barbecue joint in Historic Delano. Owners Michelle and Jon Suddeth invite crawlers (experienced and new) to start their journey with a savory smoked meats dinner at the restaurant so they can fuel up for an art (and walking!) filled evening. And to support the artist in his third Final Friday experience in Bosin’s old studio.